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New triggers


Our new ranges of triggers are specialy made for the packaging of cars, household products...

Carbon footprint

To stay in coherence with our core business, we have decided to measure the carbon  impact  of our activity. An audit of the activities of CVP was realized by by an independent compagny trained with the methodology of the ADEME (agency of the environment and the mastery of the energy)


The calcul of greenhouse gas emissions was decomposed for every post of manufacturing process and for every used material (PET, PP, PE).


We propose a carbon equivalency for all products.

Multilayyers containers 5 to 30L

The Multilayers containers are perfectly suitable as primary packaging for the pharmaceutical and food production (BRC certification)


These containers can be proposed with an antistatic layer, which can be used for all the explosive atmosphere production, the storage and the manipulation of easily flammable liquids.


LG40 poorer stopper is available for neck containers of 36/40


Practical: the tear rim guarantees you its first opening, the system anti-gloup make it easy to poor the liquid, the spout anti-drips allows a fast and effective draining.

Economical: the dimensions are identical to the standard caps, LG 40 does not require modification on the production lines. He also avoids the storage of different neck containers.

Finally eco-designed: made in the same material as the containers, there remains united during all the phase of recycling. With a 23 % recycling rate against 13 % for a classic caps, LG 40 proposes a carbon assessment improved by 33 %.


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Marin range

New range of PET bottles available in 200 – 250 and 300ml


Lighter than glass, unbreakable and transparent, PET makes your health and beauty bottles 100% recyclable and is pollution free for the environment. Available in a wide variety of shapes, which are compatible with numerous customizable, PET bottles will respond to all your needs for your cosmetics products.

Sponsoring Route du Rhum 2010 - 2014


Our taste of the commitment, the challenge and the collaborative work bring us for the third time to be one of sponsors of the boat ' young leaders ' who will take the departure of the Road of the Rum in 2014 to Saint Malo. Pierre Yves Guennec is the skipper and Jacqueline Tabarly the godmother.